Batik Banyumasan

Historically, Batik Banyumas or Batik Sokaraja has been influenced by Batik Yogyakarta, Surakarta and Pekalongan.

Batik Banyumasan has started from 19 th century, after War of Diponegoro. Some of the Prince Diponegoro’s troops have stayed in Banyumas. One of the troops, named Najendra, had started to make batik with Banyumasan pattern, in Sokaraja. That’s why Batik Banyumasan has been called as Batik Sokaraja as well.

Batik Banyumasan had been inspired by its surroundings, such as crops or plants, animals, mountains and forests.

The coloring process uses solid or dark colors, the patterns are simple and straightforward. Batik Banyumasan Batik has been known as its pattern, Batik Jonasan. It’s a non-geometric pattern dominated by basic colors, brown and black. The Batik is very unique and different from other region.

Batik Banyumasan also have another uniqueness. The craftswomen make Batik on both sides. It is a symbol of Banyumasan people who are honest and would like to talk the truth.